The thing is we all know what happens when we don’t workout/exercise at all but do we know what happens when we keep working out? 
I’ll break it down for you… Just like i have an every day workout routine, and been going with this routine for as long as i can remember but i gotta be sincere, i do skip days back then and the reason is cos I wasn’t as disciplined and determined as i am now. I always gave myself flimsy excuses:”At least, I can’t afford the gym” but it took an inner reasoning and motivation from “Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson” (salute) to actually know that was just an excuse to keep on adding unnecessary weight. So what if i can’t afford the gym? I’ve got little to afford two dumbbells and i’ve got extra space in my room.
After this realistic fact, it’s been an every day routine of working out without skipping days even though I still wake up sometimes and my body doesn’t wanna go, i then say to myself:” I know what happens already when i don’t workout… But now i wanna see what happens when i keep working out. Everything has it’s results… Choose wisely. Start a workout routine today if you ain’t got any, and keep going till your last breath…