Starvation is one of the first thought which comes to mind when most people are in a diet but this shouldn’t be so in anyway. A major effect of starvation is a failed diet. Which means if you starve yourself while in a diet, you are getting no where and you could end up crashing. Starvation could be harmful to your health in every way. For those who do not know, Anorexia Nervosa is the physiological consequences of starvation. 

Another effect of starvation is weight loss and many people use this method to lose unwanted weight. This is often done as an act of desperation because of stubborn weight that they are unable to lose with all other weight loss methods they have tried in the past. Starvation is not recommended to be done often since it can have irreversible effects that could eventually lead to death because during starvation, the body feeds itself with what is inside it. Just imagine something eating you up from inside.

When you take in only a few calories, you lose weight. It should, however, be noted that when few calories goes into the body, the metabolism rate reduces. Because the metabolism burns calories, it burns only a few once it slows down. The moment you start eating food regularly, the weight will come back and could be in added folds. This is because the body begins to grasp that it is starving and so it shuts down your weight loss efforts for it to survive. 

There are several alternatives to weight/fat loss rather than starvation which are highlighted below.

  • Eat healthy: 

Many people that approach diets by eating healthy foods rather than eating less are very amazed at how much they can eat. By simply cutting junks and carbonated drinks, you will find that you can eat more healthy food and still cut calories. You have to accept that a diet that allows you to eat more food is better than a diet that forces you to eat less.

  • Get active:

Little activities apart from your normal workout/exercise routines could go a long way in cutting extra calories. You could decide to stand in the train or the bus rather than sit. You could even decide to start taking the stairs rather than the elevator. Just make yourself active.

  • Drink lots of water:

Even if you might still consider eating less, always make up for the food by drinking lots of water. It could help your metabolism in every way.

  • Take It Easy: 

Never over work yourself. Even a machine needs to rest. Your weight loss goals should focus on the long term rather than the short. The most apparent losses occur over long periods of time. The easier you take your diet, the better chance you have of sticking to it for the rest of your life. Cut foods that you know you can live without. Cutting sugar and replacing most of your carbonated drinks intake with water are things that you can afford to do and will shed those extra pounds from your body.

  Exercise is a great way to improve circulation, increase stamina, strengthen muscles, lose and maintain weight and relieve stress. But before you start a new routine, there are some things you should know.

It is important to choose an activity that you enjoy doing and stick with it. For instance, i enjoy doing cardio so i try doing this as much as possible. To obtain health benefits of physical activity, perform at least 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days of the week. Make sure you are dressed appropriately in clothing that is loose fitting and comfortable. If exercising outside wear light-weight clothes that allow your body heat to escape on warm days and avoid outdoor training on extremely cold days.

It is crucial to always warm-up before you begin your exercise routine. Warm up by performing your activity at a slower pace for 3-5 minutes. The warm-up will gradually increase your heart rate and blood flow to the working muscles and remember to always catch your breath well enough when you feel slightly fatigued.

After your exercise program, gradually reduce the intensity or speed of your activity as you prepare to stop. Don’t just bring it to a halt at once. This allows your heart rate to return to normal and prevents you from feeling dizzy or fainting and after cooling down, remember to stretch to keep your muscles and joints flexible.

Exercise provides a number of benefits but if you are over 40 and you are just beginning your exercising journey, or have health problems, talk with your doctor prior to starting an exercise program. Together you can plan an exercise program that is right for you.