Exercise isn’t really the way most people see it. When the word exercise/workout is being mentioned, this strikes fear into most people’s minds. I used to be a victim of this.

Oh! I’m too fat to exercise, exercise is too hectic for me, i really can’t catch up, my heart can’t take this… All these are nothing more but excuses. It’s not until you use up every strength stored up inside you and feel so sore that you can barely even stand on your two feets that you’ve really exercised. Do you have any idea the amount of force it takes just to stand up after sitting down? Or to climb up a staircase? The reason why we don’t feel this so much is because this is what we do on a daily basis even while unconscious. Imagine sitting on the same spot for as long as 1-2years as a result of obesity then try standing up after a long time… This seems absolutely impossible due to the amount of time the body has been left idle.

The point there is exercise can be done in any form be it just

  • Daily arm raises



  • Staircase climbs



  • Squats



  • Or just even jumping

Exercise is just as easy as we sit and stand. It’s simply fun and not as hectic as we think. It’s just about getting the body more active and less idle…