When it comes to working out, knowing how to workout and knowing what to do really matters alot. Here are five things you might not know you shouldn’t do before a routine.

  • Do not over hydrate yourself

  Having too much or excessive intake of water or energy drinks can really weigh you down during a workout. When this occurs, your body tends to feel heavy, sloppy, or weak and this may result into having a bad workout day for as long as the routine goes on.

  • Do not stretch before cardio

  Stretching cold muscles can lead to injuries such as pulls and strains, but also in addition can actually decrease your strength in exercising involving muscles that have been stretched.

  • Do not get stressed

  When one is in a state of stress the body will release higher levels of cortisol, which breaks down muscle tissue and encourages body fat storage. Additionally, stress and worry will severely destabilize your ability to concentrate, limiting muscle fiber activation and quite possibly causing injury due to lack of focus on proper form. So, try to avoid stressful situations if at all possible before any workout.

  • Do not over-eat

  Pre-workout meals are quite essential to get some awesome workout, and supplying the necessary nutrient required for muscle growth/recovery; but eating too much can actually turn out to be a disaster to your body. Eating too much food 30minutes-1hour before a workout is liable to cause stomach cramps. 
More so, when your stomach is too filled up, it is over burdened with digesting a large amount of food which will then divert more blood there than into the muscles which will reduce the push and efforts put into every exercise.

  • Do not get drunk the night before

 Getting drunk the previous night before the present day usually result in a form of destabilization of the body popularly known as “Hangover “.
This is not a good idea if you’re planning on working out the nextday.