The recent run of Arsenal football Club hasn’t really been rolling for them and this can see fans and pundits alike begin to ponder over their future with the Gunners. 

With the reputation arsenal has built over the years past, it is very fair to expect league winners kind of play from them. 

Last season which was the 2015/2016 saw Leicester City take away the league title which so many saw impossible. Then it was obvious Arsenal has no excuse NOT to have won that trophy last season because if Leicester could have done it,  why not them? 

For the past 9 seasons now,  Arsenal has been giving their fans “top four finish” and “UEFA Champions League spot” game play and now,  it’s time to step things up and go all in for the league title. 

If not now,  then when is it gonna happen?  If the likes of Thierry and Bergkamp could do it back then,  then it’s fair to say the likes of Alexis,  Mesut,  and Olivier are messing around. 

It happened at Highbury,  it can also happen at Emirates.