The Sports Minister Solomon Dalung has revealed he believes that Nigeria is the cause of it’s own problem in the lack of good and quality football by the country and clubs within.

He has also stated to believe there is more money in football than there is in oil industry.

Now the question here is:”do you believe the same?”

We obviously have football players earning over N10M in a week just by playing soccer and if Nigeria can come out on news to claim over $20M got missing (when it’s not a pin Lol), thousands over thousands on naira is being paid as wardrobe allowances, over N450M is being spent during election campaigns, then it would be very ok to believe Nigeria clubs can match up with this salary/week standard.

Unfortunately, due to most of our leaders selfish interests, and the fact that Nigeria Football rely heavily on the Federal Government for funds, then it might not be able to as the Federal Government has so many things to look into and invest in other than football.

It is quite hard to determine whether Nigeria Football will generate more money than the Oil sector but only time will tell.