Three students have been shot by the Ondo state police when there was a clash with each other by the two parties. The reason for the clash was when a private car belonging to a police officer allegedly hit two students and abandon them before zooming off.

This led to the vandalism of over 10 vehicles by the angry students and a public disturbance in the town of Owo.

A source who spoke to The Guardian Newspaper said they were dispersed with tear gas shot in the air. During this hullabaloo, three students were hit with canisters and bullets.

This action fueled the crisis as the students destroyed vehicles parked inside the police station and blocked the Owo Akure Expressway which is opposite their school causing severe traffic.

The police, after three hourd swung into action by dispatching an armored tank to clear the road and push the students back to campus.

Luckily, no student died during this rampage and the seriously injured one has been taken to the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital for further treatment. The other two who were shot were taken to the Federal Medical Centre, Owo for treatment.

The Vice President (Affairs) of the National Association of Nigerian Students, Mr Timileyin Ayenuro said the D.P.O further provoked the incident because all the students were expecting from the police was an apology over the matter. He went further to call for the immediate removal of the station’s D.P.O and also the immediate release of the arrested students.