“Relaxation”. This could be the reason for Arda Turan’s flop since he got what he calls his dream move to barcelona. He wasn’t doing well for Barcelona and now, Turkey. It’s quite obvious that the level of intensity of training at barcelona isn’t as high as that of his former club Athletico Madrid.

How is this known you might ask… Here’s a break down. Athletico is more of an underdog besides the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid but they still compete fiercely with these big teams. Hardwork on the training ground at Athletico Madrid made this possible. 

Athletico knocked Barcelona out of the 2015/2016 Champions League and this same team almost beat Real Madrid for the title in the league’s final. The intensity of Athletico’s training can’t really be compared to that of Barcelona and Arda Turan has made this shown.

The Underdogs are thriving despite not having so many big names like the big boys of La Liga. 

How else did they make this possible? Besides, Arda Turan looked much better in the Red, White, and Blue.