What would your man do if you put him through every test imaginable, threatening to leave. Would he stay loyal?

She wrote him a letter saying that she was done and had left. Not intending to leave, she was testing his fortitude and fidelity in terms of the relationship.

Wanting to capture his reaction, she left the letter on his desk. And instead of leaving, she crept under the bed to see what he would do. Get angry? Call another girl?
Sure enough, he immediately picked up his phone. He told the person on the other end that the dummy had found out he was cheating and that he was coming over. Surely, he had failed the test.

When she heard him leave, she, still in shock, got out from under the bed. She looked unto the desk and found a letter from him stating:“Hey goofball, make sure your feet are not hanging out from under the bed next time you try to hide”.